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11 Nov 2012

Here are some photos from disassembling Panasonic TZ7 camera (also known as Panasonic ZS3).
Panasonic made good work and everything is pretty easy. custom term paper writing Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide no hidden screws or things like that. You do no need any special tools, just standard Philips screwdriver.

The camera was accidentally immersed in salt water Find Out How I Cured My essay help In 2 Days (Mediterranean Sea). Unfortunately event after cleaning it was not possible to make it work. In such cases it’s good to put camera immediately into fresh water.

15 Jul 2012
Android screenshot

The goal of this tutorial is to show how to remotely control brightness of the LED using BeagleBone Linux powered board.

BeagleBone will run web service that allows to control LED using simple web application.3 Easy Ways To Make essay helper Faster Thanks to that you do not need to install any extra software. Any device that has web browser installed can be used as remote controller, e.g. smartphone, laptop etc.

17 Mar 2012

This is a project of the simple wheel.The Secrets To buy assignment Since factory made wheels prizes are not very attractive (10€ for a piece of plastic does not look good), it’s cheaper to make it yourself. The wheel is optimized to be printed on 3D printer.

01 Jul 2011

The robot is able to balance on two wheels.
Originally this project was created using only junk parts to test software for electric unicycle. But as time passed essay writer online the initial design was upgraded. At the beginning robot was using 2 hacked car lamp servos as motors, ATmega16 board, quickly assembled motor controller based on L293 and the only brand new part: gyro + 2 axis accelerometer board.

11 Nov 2010

Gear Position Indicator displays gear number for motorcycles, scooters or cars.


  • Displays gear number without delay
  • Cool animation modes
  • LED matrix display
  • Automatic brightness
  • Temperature sensor
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit scale
  • Software display rotation
  • Many configuration options

15 Jan 2010
Phototrigger picture


  • periodically shots a photo allowing time lapse photography (can be combined with bulb mode), max time between photos: 99:59:59 (h:m:s),
  • bulb time (maximum 99h 59m 59s),
  • postponed start (up to 24 h in advance),
  • powered by 2 AA(A) batteries (3V),
  • 2×16 characters LCD display + encoder for easy control,
  • easy to use software,
  • minimal number of components, small PCB,
  • RTC clock (no calendar),
11 Aug 2009
PWM wave


This guide describes principles of PWM for Atmel AVR micro controllers.Writing a persuasive, argumentative college essay writing service could be hard It is not complete documentation for PWM nor AVR timers but tries to lighten some practical aspects of PWM. Some of the PWM aspects are simplified, some are not mentioned at all. Usability was the main factor when writing this text. Full PWM description can be found in Atmel AVR documentation.

Although the article was written based on ATmega16 and ATmega32 documentation, information is useful for any chip from AVR family.

12 Mar 2009

RS485 is an alternatve for RS232 for long distances. Maximum length of the cable for RS232 is only 15m. For RS485 it is about 1200m. In addition you can connect many devices to RS485 bus (unlike RS232 — only 2).


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