Aquaticus JTAG PCB.


This is PCB for Aquaticus JTAG project.
The dimensions are 102x48mm (4x1.9in). PCB is single sided with top overlay. Copper side got blue solder mask.
Values of all elements are on the top side, so you do not need to look at the schematic while soldering.
Big BOOT jumper switch description makes it almost impossible to set wrong mode.

You are buying only PCB, no any elements included.


  • Atmel JTAG ICE compatible
  • Values of the elements on the top side
  • 4x2mm holes on the edges
  • External power supply socket
  • RS232 interface (USB connection via external RS232/USB cable)
  • Standard Atmel JTAG connector
  • 2 signal LEDs
  • Supported by Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms

Step by step guide is described in Aquaticus JTAG article.

List of supported Atmel microcontrolers:

  • AT90CAN128
  • ATmega128
  • ATmega16
  • ATmega162
  • ATmega169
  • ATmega32
  • ATmega323
  • ATmega64

Price: 9.87€



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