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27 Nov 2006

1. Be sure JP1 jumper is in NORM position
2. Connect JTAG and PC using serial cable (or USB/serial dongle)
3. Run AVR Studio

Initial test

At this moment do not connect JTAG and target system. We only need RS232 connection between PC and JTAG.

Select Tools/Program AVR/Connect from main menu of AVR Studio

In the dialog Select AVR Programmer dialog box select JTAG ICE as platform and appropriate serial port (in the example below it is COM1).


If everything is ok and you selected the right serial port the following dialog box should appear:

It says your JTAG was detected but it can not connect with the target device which in this case is true.


If JTAG can not be detected you see Select device dialog but the window title is changed to Connect failed.

Now you can read Usage section to see how to use JTAG with real devices.

Typical errors

  1. Wrong serial port
  2. No power
  3. JP1 in BOOT position instead of NORM
  4. ATmega16 not properly programmed
  5. PCB improperly assembled

Note AVR Studio 4.13 SP2 has a bug that generates an error trying to read fuses using the JTAG interface. Fix is available on Atmel website