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Samsung Galaxy SII Dock

19 Jan 2013


  • Horizontal or vertical position
  • Detected as dock by the phone
  • Hole for better sound quality

Tools required

  1. 3D printer
  2. mini grinder (optional)
  3. soldering station
  4. micro USB cable
  5. knife


All dimensions in millimeters. Weight about 85g.


Download main STL file Samsung_Galaxy_SII_Dock_rev4.stl and small bottom flap Samsung_Galaxy_SII_Dock_Bottom_Flap_rev4.stl.
Model is already in best position for printing. You can use infill density about 30% (or even less).

USB plug

Dock has small hole for USB plug. The easiest way to prepare USB plug is to buy USB cable with micro USB plug and remove plastic/gum coverage.

It is better to buy cable with plug covered wit soft material like gum not hard to remove plastic (LG cables are good for that).

Dock detection

To make phone detect USB plug as desktop dock 365kΩ resistor must be connected between pin 4 and pin 5 (GND). That way when you put the phone into dock station phone turns into dock mode (typically displaying calendar and clock on the screen). Changing value to 619kΩ the phone will detect car dock.

That modification require completely disassembling USB plug. Without this modification phone will be just charged without changing mode of operation. Some cables have even empty place for SMD resistor in the plug housing.

Plug installation

Use mini grinder to make appropriate modifications for USB hole if the plug does not fit. Then put the phone on dock to make sure plug goes directly into phone’s socket. From the bottom pour glue but make sure the phone is safely isolated from glue! If not, you can permanently glue the phone to dock.