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11 Nov 2012

Here are some photos from disassembling Panasonic TZ7 camera (also known as Panasonic ZS3).
Panasonic made good work and everything is pretty easy. No hidden screws or things like that. You do no need any special tools, just standard Philips screwdriver.

The camera was accidentally immersed in salt water (Mediterranean Sea). Unfortunately event after cleaning it was not possible to make it work. In such cases it’s good to put camera immediately into fresh water.

15 Jan 2010
Phototrigger picture


  • periodically shots a photo allowing time lapse photography (can be combined with bulb mode), max time between photos: 99:59:59 (h:m:s),
  • bulb time (maximum 99h 59m 59s),
  • postponed start (up to 24 h in advance),
  • powered by 2 AA(A) batteries (3V),
  • 2×16 characters LCD display + encoder for easy control,
  • easy to use software,
  • minimal number of components, small PCB,
  • RTC clock (no calendar),
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